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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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showing police sweeping the area. they encountered goulet in the back of the bungalows a half hour later, he heard shots from his home, next to the bungalow autos 25 minutes after the first incident there is another volley of gunshots. >> goulet was shot and killed. >> when discovered on the ground post shooting he was wearing body armor. in the initial investigation of that scene we found goulet possessed three different handguns as well as body armor. >> now, police believe goulet stole the guns as well as body armor and goulet has a registered gun of his own. one footnote here. the sheriff's deputies and chp are patrolling streets of santa cruz while the force mourns. >> vic, thank you. >> the city had never lost an
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officer in the line of duty until yesterday. now, the department and community are struggling with the loss of detective sargeant loweren butch baker preparing to retire soon and detective butler, abc 7 news is in santa cruz with more on both of them. sergio? >> and happening now is a vigil put together. you can see people here at this community center just part of the group. inside of the room, it's where cards this, is just the latest show of support by the community for their police department. that is still struggling to deal with the loss two of veteran police officers. the police chief held up two photos. they're service pictures of two fallen officers. the chief says he was close to sargeant loweren butch baker. they started on the force at about the same time chief voguel said he was an excellent investigator. >> boy say butch was my
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most-skilled investigator with the police department. >> baker and his partner, elizabeth butler were gunned down yesterday as they investigated possible misdemeanor charges against jeremy goulet. she's a former student of michael rodkin. >> she was a kind of person deciding to be a social worker maybe working with nonprofits and education. maybe a schoolteacher decided she wanted to be a police officer. that is a way she can make a difference. >> as a growing memorial one woman told us she met detective butler getting help with an assault case. >> taking the time to answer every phone call, every question i had. >> another woman told us she's known the sargeant through her with work on tenant rights he arrested me but was kind. >> on this day after the death of two its own, the small police department is still struggling to come to terms with what happened.
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>> the department is mourning. the city being protected. the community being protected. by the santa cruz county sheriff's office as well as california patrol. >> just to show how much support there is, this was a vigil supposed to take place at the police department. but there are so many people here, they decided so -- there were so many people at the vigil they decided to move it to a place able to accommodate everyone. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> heart warming to see that. thank you. governor brown ordered a flag to the state capitol flown at half staff. issuing a statement praising braifr rif the sargeant and detective. they were surely that. also singled out for praise was a true kroou that put their lives on the line to protect onlookers as the truck started to be hit by gunfire.
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one if not more fire department personnel take a look one citizen witness to the ground. trying to save her from possibly being struck by gunfire. >> those fire personnel should be commended for what they did. >> we are learning much more tonight about the man who gunned down the two police officers. before moving to santa cruz goulet lived in berkeley with his twin brother. his former neighbors describe him as strange and someone who used to get into fierce fights with his brother. police called to the house at least four times, one neighbor wasn't surprised to learn he'd been arrested for a sex crime in oregon. >> that is creepy. it's about it. >> what is creepy? >> just you can tell when being checked out. and... in front of my husband he would kind of do it. which was weird. >> alicia says she considered moving away because goulet made her uneasy. she says she was relieved when
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he lost his job, moving to santa cruz. >> dan noyes is here and has been looking into goulet. >> a complex picture has begun to emerge. a black hawk helicopter pilot. someone enjoyed guns and target shooting. a convicted peeping tom with comp you pulgs dwifl to break, then in santa cruz. >> none of the workers at the kind grind would talk to us about their co-worker. he gunned down the detectives yesterday before officers shot and killed him. some customers goulet served remembered him. >> i didn't notice him engaging with people he just asked what it was i wanted. that sit no. conversation. no what is personality might be or anything. he had no personality. >> investigators say he had been vocal in days before the ut problems in his life. >> we have known he was distraught and that he had
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intentions of potentially harming people and, or, the police. >> police arrest lgs show he was picked up friday for disorderly conduct. the santa cruz sheriff says detectives were investigating a misdemeanor sexual assault when they went to questionuóké goulet yesterday. his father won't allow to us record phone conversations but said police waned to talk about breaking into an apartment and making inappropriate advances. goulet was at the center of a public incident in portland. danny thomas caught him looking through a window at his girlfriend taking a shower. he ran away over the following weeks thomas would argue when he saw him in the neighborhood and then... it got physical. >> he went for tok yits. -- pockets. i didn't whant to know what it was. >> he had a gun, several shots went off. a crowd formed. it dragged on before police arrived.
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>> i was begging him for people. he just skmild said someone is going come. things like that. i just thought i was going to die. >> thomas wound up pummeling goulet. the felony attempted murder charge got pled down to misdemeanor handgun possession. prosecutors said he had another peeping convictionxin california and he admitted spying on women more than 100 times, often taking cell phone video of them. after a disagreement he chose to spend two years in jail rather than attend sex offender classes. all that happened after what appears to have been good years of service in the military, records under the freedom of information act show goulet spent six years in marine corps reserve. then, he flew black hawk helicopters receiving several
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awards,ae&sñ includinging natiol defense service medal, global war on terrorism service medal and sharp shooter marksman badge. until 2008 he was certified to fly commercial helicopters. the future, goule of the t wrote he bought a ticket for the burning man saying about the event, quote, going home. >> dan, thank you. >> here is what the santa cruz police department has posted on its face book page we appreciate all your love and support during this unbelievably dlifl time and are one family. one community. thank you for standing with us. to share your condolence goes to our facebook page. perhaps there is something you'd like to say about this tragedy. >> still to come here tonight a pair of young thieves caught on camera. tonight police are turning to an old school tactic to solve a rash of neighborhood break
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ins. >> also we're going to show you clean up efforts underway from an overnight water main break that flooded nearly two dozen homes. >> and a new era for san francisco muni system. thousands of people get to ride free. what it's going to take for you to qualify. >> i'm spencer christian looking at clear skies now. long dry spell about to come to an end. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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outs side of this safeway store on the 1400 block of washington avenue police are reaching out to residents talking to them about fighting back against criminals robbing
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them. >> trying to get people to get involved. >> this in this neighborhood residents reported 30 burglaries in the past couple months. this house was hit, $15,000 worth of item autos so i don't know why. this -- they're hitting our neighborhood quite a bit. >> here are burglary snekts action. casing a home, peering in windows, listening for anyone inside. and when they think5xm it's saf. they pry out a screen. they never did get it open z they also haven't been caught. >> this is too late. yes. it's great. footage. it's great people will report this. >> what brad told us as we watched the video is that goal to get neighbors in these parts of town to watch out for each other and a call to cops when they see something. >> call us on it. we'll send a bunch of resources out there with a problem we're having and we'll fix it. >> outside of the store officers and volunteers peered
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into automobiles looking for valuables left in plain sichlgt warnings on the windshield saying if i were a thief you'd be a victim. >> phone chargers and things like that. it's in the car. people break in for tho >> the crime prevention officer says she'll do another event like this on sunday. the head of the department criminal investigation division says if the burglars move from their current trouble spots to other parts of san leandro, police gorg after them. >> livermore police arrested three teenagers in a cyber bullying case connected to the woman known as hummer mom. the 44-year-old christine hubs jail forward a parole violation after serving two year-nine month sentence for having sex with a pair of 14-year-old boys. authorities say in, that car that. is why she got the name. police say after taken into custody one victim was harassed on the internet. police say hubs is not
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implicated in this cyber bullying but her daughter was being investigated. the names of the three minors have not been released. >> clean up is underway in the san francisco neighborhood where a broken water main caused a muddy mess. take a look. this is what the liked like this morning. thousands of gallons of water flooded part of 15th avenue. sky 7 gives us a good look at the size of the giant sink hole. water in z.mud in iss -- in cases was waist deep. >> my car, brand new, just ruined. >> our house is under two to three feet of water in there. grabbing anything we could. >> 23 homes saw damage. the water department fixed the pipe and now working to fill that sink hole. crews replacingce11m pipes in te city at a rate of about 12 miles per year. >> that is a shame what. a
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mess that. flooding and not a drop of rain? >> yes. it's what we need. >> there is some on the way. >> yes. it's in our seven-day forecast. first let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd cloud-free skies right now. clouds developing and pushing inland to the north and along the coastline to the north. so high clouds on the way tonight. rain is going to be confined to areas north of us. it's raining around eureka now this, rain not going to hit the bay area we'll have some next week. a live view from view on mount tam looking on to the bay. we've got clear skies, 53 degrees now in san francisco. 59 oakland. another live view from our south san francisco. also, looking at clear skies and 62 degrees now in santa rosa. and 64 in los gatos, forecast features shaping up like this, high clouds continuing to move
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through the sky overnight. into early morning hours, sunny skies and mild tomorrow afternoon. the peak of the warming trend will occur on friday. high temperatures approach mid-70s. satellite shows you r us a movement generally towards pacific%
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look for highs in low 70s in morgan hill and los gatos. santa cruz, 72 degrees tomorrow. up on the peninsula, upper 60s in redwood city. downtown san francisco, 63 degrees tomorrow. up into the north bay, upper 60s in many locations. 70 in napa. 71 santa rosa. east bay, oakland reaching highs of 67. 66 san leandro. and 70 in fairfield. here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-70s up to 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. cooling down throughout the weekend. clouds in the sky monday and a chance of rain tuesday and rain likely wednesday. so at least two coming our way this week.
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>> thank you, spencer. >> coming up next mastering art of picking a lock. why the city is promoting a class towhq÷ learn how. >> how much money would it take for your city to change its name? a sugar daddy proposal for a wealthy town.
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administrators of several public employee pension funds are headed to hawaii according to our media partners at california watch. four intended to send board members to a national conference in may in hawaii. when you add up air fare, hotel, registration and other expenses costs will be about $2600 each. >> this is a big deal. we know pension funds are eating up a larger proportion of public services and budgets. and taxpayers are on the hook for any short#xqfalls in these
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funds. >> contra costa county retirement association sending five people to the conference saying it's worth it to get other points of view. >> some residents fear a class on lockfw picking might drive up break ins in a city where police struggle to fight crime every day. this is part of an event called work shop weekend. an announcement appeared in a news letter. >> i feel that a lot of people should not have these skills. they shouldn't have the skills. >> i know this is a positive event but in oakland considering our burglary problem, it was a little insensitive choice of wording. >> the mayor's office told abc 7 news the mayor understands why people are upset and apologizes to them but mayor points out the quote garage science event is important to
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oakland's creative community. >> we'll stay with oakland in another month more still to come as we continue the first friday festival. big changes coming up this week with the aim of keeping you safe. >> also looking into what apple may have up its sleeve for turning it's sinking stock around. >> and free rides on muni and what it will take four qualify. stay with us. 3 days of walking
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oakland popular first friday event attracts thousands of people to the city uptown neighborhood but the shooting death of a teenager after the last event led city hall to make changes, including consolidating event to a much smaller area on telegraph avenue. abc 7 news is in oakland tonight tonight. nick? >> good evening, if hist very an indicator where i'm standing now will be filled with people who turn you had out on friday for the monthly
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street festival. you know, the festival has many supporters, necessary for it to change that city leaders and organizers believe was necessary to keep the spirit of the event alive. >> i think we're going to be fighting them off. >> he is betting on oakland. >> windows here going to o will be a nice area here. >> the musician and oakland native opening a new bar on a stretch of telegraph avenue that has businesses locked up and moving away. >> we gotba÷ together last month after the incident up street here. >> he's talking about the shooting death of the high school senior after this monthts first friday event ended. that pushed city hall, event organizers and business owners to make changes.
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>> and we're like what can we do? avoid this. keep, you know, keep our hands on a positive awesome thing, not lose it to you know, bad stuff. >> i think the steps organizers have taken to make it tafer and positive are absolutely appropriate. >> steps include scaling down the size of the event instead of stretching a dozen blocks down, first friday will be only five this and police will enforce laws about open containers. some private security will be used oakland police will staff the event with members of the crime reduction team. officers will be paid from the general fund while orgers will pay for additional security. >> there are people that count on that night. so pay their rentses and feed them skpeflz families. >> this event will include a
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moment of silence to recognize those who are injured and the live lost earlier this month. in oakland nick smith abc 7 news. >> thank you. the white house is conceding efforts to avoid automatic cuts are unlikely to succeed before they kick in friday night. the president made the case nor plan about 90 minutes ago in a dinner in washington says the deal is there for the taking. >> business community speaks out. for such a sensible approach then it will get done. >> the president and congressional leaders are scheduled to meet friday. the president's plan calls for targeted increases and spending cuts but republicans say they won't accept more taxes as part of any deal. >> tremendous relief tonight for a family that finally receive aid phone call a loved
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one they feared was missing in peru. smiles and tears of joy from garrett's family. he and his girlfriend are on a biking trip in south america. family and friends had not heard from them for a month. police located the couple yesterday and a spokesperson talked on behalf of the mother. >> i can't wait to see my son and his girlfriend jamie, walking off a plane in sfo, and grabbing him in my arms and holding him close to me. >> the 2004 visiting remote areas in peru say they have limited internet and phone access. >> tonight's money matters a big day on wall street. dow jones climbed 175 points closing within 100 points of the all time high.
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nasdaq added 32. jc penny reported massive losses today, $500 million in just the past three months almost nine times what the company lost last year. revenues down 31%, $200 million less than expected. and ora cell founder who bought the island in hawaii last year has now bought an airline to go with it. island air flies to, and from six of the islands. he plan nose operational change autos sales figures indicates apple knows how to please customers but having a tougher time pleasing wall street. apple chief executive suggested he had something up his sleeve to turn around falling stock price apple lost another $4 a share today. abc 7 news has more from the meeting today in cupertino. apple says it had a banner year.
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revenue group by $48 billion. when shareholders block floked for the meeting there was good, and bad news. apple has a staggering cash and short term investments. bad news after hitting a high of 750s -- $705 shares plunged around 35%. a loss of shareholder value. this investor complained apple fell short of expectations. >> they would have said something to you know what they're going to do with the cash as far as split in their sfok. or increase in dividends they would have included their shares but they didn't mention anything today. and that is disappointing. >> saying if we get it right revenue will follow and there is some great stuff coming. he didn't say what. >> he said they don't have their heads stuck in the sand.
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i'm sure they don't. they can't say what they goring to do. >> labor organizers complaining they can discourage efforts to represent staff asking him to quote look into it. >> both places are workers want to unionize and management intimidation. apple shouldn't put up with it. >> sis says a union complaint filed last year has been dismissed. apple has something up its sleeve. the question, what koit be? there is talk about a wrist watch maybe a tv. june is normally a month when we can see new products come out. >> coming up here next free rides on the san francisco muni system. it comes just in time for struggling family autos how much money for your city to
6:35 pm
change its name? coming up next a sugar
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more than 20,000 children
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and teenagers will be able to ride muni for free starting next week. abc 7 news explains it comes amid cuts to school bus service that has been hard on some struggling families. 17-year-old paolo acosta has big plans. >> i want to own a company. >> right now, he says he often struggles to find bus fare. >> it's hard thinking about breaking a dollar. sometimes, just thinking about asking for a short ride. >> what do you do? >> i walk or i take the risk. >> the risk of sneaking on without paying. something he says other kids do, too. now more ride muby instead of a yellow bus. >> because of budget cuts we've cut back on yellow bus transportation. >> spread the word. spread the truth. >> and led to a victory.
6:39 pm
>> probably the best grass roots initiative. >> the board voted to give free bus passes to low and middle income kids under 18 starting on march 1. it's a 16-month pilot program using $1.6 million in grant money marking a mile snon a two year campaign. >> we have to make it so families can afford to live in san san francisco.5coç making sure kids have the opportunities to get to, and from school. >> but not everyone is celebrating the program. the group rescue muni believes free passes are not the best use of precious grant money. >> anyone ridden on muni noticed misrun, poor service that could go to improve those. >> they should have funding to fill in the need for students who need to get to class but can't afford to take the bus. >> the supervisor jane kim
6:40 pm
disagrees. >> young people you are the foundation of the city and so we are investing in our young people that. is investing in our infrom a structure. >> not quite indecent proposal but getting a lot of blushes in woodside because the mayor received an offer to change the name to sugar usa. woodside has plenty of those wealthy dates. steve jobs had a home there. billionaire larry ellison is now a resident. the web site wants the town to put up a statue of hugh hefner. >> good advertisement for sugar daddy, though. >> for $11 million, i'll change my name. >> don't give him ideas. >> think) mg college is too expensive? how you might able to afford it next revealing who is
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desperate to give away money.
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as we've reported many times, college students graduating with a record amount of student loan debt. many can't afford to go to college. >> there is a a lot of free money out there. michael finney is here now to tell us how to find it. >> it's out there. you just have to know to go look. you might be surprised how many organizations are just waiting to hand you money to go to school. $5 billion is available for those who apply. youlg÷ don't have to be a straight a stud dwront get a college education free. carlos from oakland always carries this family photo. he wants to remember how hard his parents worked so he might go to college. >> my dad works in construction. my mom cleans houses. >> carlos not only first in his family to graduate high school, he did so with straight a's. suddenly realized equal fi for
6:45 pm
the school he had visited as a boy. uc berkeley. only problem is that he couldn't afford it. >> i know i'm not going get funding that i -- that others can get. >> counselors told him try to win a scholarship. >> i began applying to scholarships even $200 as many as i could. >> he spent days filming out forms, writing essays but didn't hold out much hope, then, an e mail. >> it said congratulations carlos. you're granted the scholarship. >> just $200 but carlos was thrilled. someone wanted to give him free money. it was just the beginning. >> i feel good i was given quite a few amounts. >> seven awards totalling $33,000 for his first year. it was enough to cover tuition and expenses so here he is today rushing off to class at uc berkeley. not forgetting those who paved
6:46 pm
the way it motivated me more. i was like do you know what? people believe in me. >> you can have college free. >> diane is director east bay college fund awarding its own scholarships and helps students. >> it's possible for many students to have their college education paid for. >> diane shows us some of the thousands of scholar shipz listed online. many are being awarded now. many will go unclaimed. >> thousands of, thousands of dollars left on the table because people do not apli. they didn't know bit. didn't spend 10 minutes to fill out forms. >> hundreds of companies and foundations offer grants, often for very specific types of students. >> someone who is child of someone involved in coal mining. there are farm workers children scholarships there are for people who went to prom in duct tape. >> sure enough there is a scholarship by the duct tape company.
6:47 pm
awarded to students who made a prom outfit out of duct tape z may have a few tour in design carlos aplig was work but reward will last a lifetime. >> don't ab frayed to put yourself out there. be like do you know what? yes. i want to do that, but i need help pe. have said yes. we'd love to help you there is a important deadline coming up saturday. march 2 the last day to afile an application for a federal student aid program known as fafsa putting you in the running for lots of money including cal grants, pell grants and others don't pay a company to find a scholarship f asking for a social security number and bank information they do not need that. we're hearing about rip off companies out there taking advantage of kids. we have additional information and forms on our web site. just go to abc 7 look under 7 on your side. >> there is money out there. >> thank you. >> let's check on the forecast
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now. >> diverse elements, sunny skies and mild. mid-70s friday, cooling off over the weekend. clouds thickening and a chance of rain tuesday, rain likely wednesday, temperatures going drop off several degrees and drop off several to get wet wear much needed here in the bay area. >> thank you. >> we know alex smith wants to be a starting quarterback. soon he'll get that chance. >> that is right. larry beil up next to explain larry beil up next to explain what well, well, well.
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good evening, it can't be official until march 12th but 49ers will trade alex smith for a pair of draft picks in a conditional pick based on how smith play there's. the trade to kc will end the tenure in red and gold. start of being first pick in the draft in 2005. but with collin kaepernick they're moving to get help else wr. they're going to have when you add in the picks 15 draft picks inx?l5ñ upcoming drt look for them to maybe try to
6:52 pm
make a run from the jets. they also have to find a back up quarterback. someone tweeted about smith leaving joe staley. they're close and best of luck alex and kc amazing teammate, friend and person. i know he will do great things there. we did cool, or good luck to mr. smith. >> nba suspended warriors forward david lee and pacers center one game without pay for last night's altercation that. occurred in the 4th quarter tangled up shoving and seth curry jumped in to try to break it up. paying 35 grand each. knicks and new york let's flash back to mark jackson. sporting shorts shorts back in the bay. knicks came out strong,
6:53 pm
raymond felton to tyson chandler with 13 rebounds. but seth in the zone n a second quarter helped erase a 12 point knicks lead. and watch running fast break. stop, pop for three. now with 35. seth curry. 4-73 knicks leading golden state in the third. these shots from everywhere. giants pitcher ryan voguel song will leave the team soon for world baseball classic. looks like he's ready at this point. first inning marcogmsza skutero comes up. vogue yul yell song struck out four. to the 6th angel pagan. here it comes. there it goes.
6:54 pm
alow happen. three-run blast. they can't hold the lead. sergio romo gave up in the 9th. the giants end up this, is odd playing their third tie in a row finishing this game 8 sh 8. it's scoring eight runs. home runs by weeks and smith, weeks two for two play welling this sprichblgt smith two for tlee. how is this for impressive? men's golf team is boasting top golfers in the country. joel stalter takes over the top spot as a team. tournaments this season. remarkable. >> yes. yes. >> nice. >> thank you larry. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up here is a question. does beauty sell? how women feel about products endorsed by models and
6:55 pm
celebrities. >> then at 11:00 when crime hits, these neighbors took action. what they did to take back control. >> and tonight at 11:35 gordon ramsey and stanley tuchy. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for watching. from larry and spencer have a good evening. see you at 9:00 lo z.11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a cpa from navarre, florida... ...a graduate student of zoology, originally from okemos, michigan... ...a returning champion, a tv news producer, originally from south coffeyville, oklahoma...
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nd our reand now here isn, the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. ladies, and welcome back to our regular games. you know, during the tournament of champions, i couldn't help but wonder how joshua would have fared. i think he would have done very, very well in that competition. but you'll see him in next year's tournament of champions, i'm sure. today es sara and hans. good luck. here we go. the categories are... each correct response will begin with the letter "p." huh? sounds like "the three stooges."
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alex: joshua, start. can we begin in the bronze age for $200, please? joshua. what is athens? correct. bronze age for $400. sara. whate decathlon? yes. bronze for $600. sara. what is lithuania? yes. $800 in bronze. hans. what is 1968? that is correct. bror $1,000, please.


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